Feet Pose (anime)

11 months ago

UPDATE (03/19/23) : v1.1 seems to work much better with 768x768 resolution

This model allows you to generate some nice feet (soles specifically) in anime style.

Since the pose is very specific, I STRONGLY recommend you to use the following prompt structure :

1girl, sitting, feet up, soles, YOUR DETAILS, <lora>

Example : 1girl, sitting, feet up, soles, brown hair, blue eyes, white bikini, bedroom, <lora:feetPoseAnime_v11:0.6>

I suggest a weight between 0.6 and 0.8. It should work on most anime models (I got solid results with Anything v4.5).

Sample images setting :

  • Euler a

  • 20 steps

  • 768x768

  • Hires :

    • realESRGAN_4xplus_anime_6B

    • upscale by 1,5

    • denoising strength: 0,1

Keep in mind that AI always struggles with feet so you'll still get missing or extra toes, but overall it should provide good results.

Looking forward to see what you will generate with this, don't hesitate to share your images !

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Base model: Other

Latest version (v1.1): 1 File

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: v1.1

Larger dataset training :

  • more detailed feet

  • better success rate with 768x768 resolution

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