The world's best directory of tools and resources for Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is not just Stable Diffusion. New tools are popping up every day, tools that might make your workflow much easier, or help you create even more breathtaking images. We gather and explain which tool does what, and how they work.

User Interfaces

Apps or webs to use Stable Diffusion in a visual way

Face Restorers

Fix the weird stuff Stable Diffusion generates in faces


Upscale your images to high resolution without losing quality

Advanced stuff

Vanilla Models

Official releases of diffusion models without any modifications

Fine Tuned Models

Custom versions of Stable Diffusion that generate images with a specific flavor


Dreambooth allows you to teach Stable Diffusion specific concepts, like your face

GPU Providers

Cloud computers with powerful GPUs like the Nvidia A100

Google Colab Notebooks

Use Google's GPUs to try the newest AI techniques using code