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Beginner to Intermediate
Crash course in generative AI & prompt engineering for images

The tools are the same for everyone. The results are not. Even though we all get access to the exact same generative AI tools, some people generate amazing images while others do not. Learn why, and go from zero to hero with our in-depth crash course.

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AI influencers and consistent characters

A hands-on approach to learn to create AI characters that look the same every time, across scenes and models. These expert techniques will be key in your path to generate any AI individual, from videogame characters to AI influencers.

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Create custom AI models and LoRas by fine-tuning Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is just the beginning. Learn how to train your own models to replicate any style or subject, including artists and photorealism. We'll uncover all the techniques we used to create the popular AI model Openjourney.

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Intermediate to Advanced
Master your composition: advanced AI image generation with ControlNet

Learn how to get total control over AI-generated images and videos using cutting-edge tools like ControlNet, Openpose, and Deforum. Unlock the full potential of AI image generation. Control poses, lighting, moods, and build your own digital photo studio.

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