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Beginner to Intermediate
Crash course in AI art generation

The tools are the same for everyone. The results are not. Even though we all get access to the exact same AI tools, some people generate amazing images while others do not. Learn why, and go from zero to hero with our in-depth crash course.

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Intermediate to Advanced
Master Advanced AI Image and Video Generation

Learn how to get total control over AI-generated images and videos using cutting-edge tools like ControlNet, Openpose, and Deforum. Unlock the full potential of AI image generation. Control poses, lighting, moods, and build your own digital photo studio.

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Train Stable Diffusion and learn how to use Dreambooth & custom fine-tuned models

Stable Diffusion is just the beginning. Learn how to train your own models to replicate any style, including artists and photorealism. We'll cover Dreambooth and other fine-tuning techniques we used to create Openjourney.

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Prompt engineering for ChatGPT and GPT-4

Become an AI whisperer. Break into the field of prompt engineering, the most exciting and hottest new job in tech. Learn how to make Artificial Intelligences like ChatGPT and GPT-4 do exactly what you want, even if they have been programmed to do otherwise.

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