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abyishot posted 9 months ago
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The Aswang is a more general term that encompasses various types of shape-shifting creatures in Philippine folklore. It is a legendary and deeply feared creature, it is often depicted as a female vampire, transforming from a human during the day into a horrifying monster at night. The Aswang's favored prey includes pregnant women and newborns, from whom it extracts blood and hearts. This mythical creature can also take the form of a black dog or bird to terrify and stalk its victims. Across different regions and tales, the Aswang's appearance and behavior may vary, but its aura of terror remains consistent.

One of the most notorious forms of the Aswang is that of a blood-sucking vampire, with an elongated proboscis-like tongue used to feed on victims' blood. Alongside its vampire-like traits, the Aswang is believed to possess other malevolent abilities, including flight, transformation into different animals, and even invisibility. Throughout generations, Filipino folklore has introduced various protective measures and beliefs to guard against Aswang's attacks. People use garlic, salt, and religious objects like crosses to ward off its malevolence, and some avoid specific places or actions during particular times to avoid its gaze.

The legend of the Aswang continues to be deeply ingrained in Filipino culture, captivating both young and old with its eerie tales. Passed down through generations, these stories are shared among friends and families, preserving the rich tradition of Philippine folklore for the next generations to come. The Aswang remains an integral part of the country's mythology, adding a chilling and captivating element to its folklore and traditions.