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iiibax posted 2 months ago
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abstract expressionist painting red race car, in the style of sam spratt, historical illustrations, old masters, genndy tartakovsky, soggy, masaccio, monochromatic realism . energetic brushwork, bold colors, abstract forms, expressive, emotional, [ in the style of sabattier filter, high detailed, light red, dynamic and dramatic compositions, shot on 70mm, kimoicore, iso, detailed, liquid explosions, product promotional conceptual photography, (cinematic atmosphere) , RAW photo shot by dslr Fujifilm XT3 depth of field bokeh soft lighting film grain photography Realistic photo-realistic Lifelike, detailed photo background, full sharp intricate 4k 8k quality resolution uhd extremely ultra texture]
Negative prompt:

realistic, photorealistic, low contrast, plain, simple, monochrome, [illustrations, text, watermark, blurry, ugly, cartoon, deformed feet, deformed, deformed hands, deformed faces, deformed lips, plastic looking, fake teeth, fake skin, nsfw]


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