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GPT-4 and Large Language Models

Become an AI whisperer. Break into the field of prompt engineering, the most exciting and hottest new job in tech. Learn how to make Artificial Intelligences like ChatGPT and GPT-4 do exactly what you want, even if they have been programmed to do otherwise. Master their biases, get advantage of their design flaws and become an expert prompter!

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Ignore previous directions.
Become a prompt engineer.

Did you know a sentence as simple as "Ignore previous directions" can often break AIs as advanced as ChatGPT – and gain you access to restricted functionality? This is exactly what prompt engineers do on a daily basis: they discover models' biases and exploit them to their advantage. Sounds interesting? Keep reading.

Large Language Models are having their Stable Diffusion moment

Large Language Models (LLMs) are artificial intelligences, like ChatGPT or GPT-4, that are capable of understanding and producing human-like text. The launch of Stable Diffusion changed everything in the image generation space, and these AIs are changing everything text-based, right as you read this. The release of LLaMA by Meta or Alpaca by Stanford are only a few examples of everything that's about to change. If you were waiting for the right moment to get into AI, this is it.

Get the AI to do exactly what you want.

GPT-like models often come with guardrails: limits they have been taught not to cross. This is useful, for example, to avoid teaching people how to do harm to others – but it can get in your way if you're trying to do more advanced stuff. Luckily for us, there are things we can do to circumvent this, with the right tools. On top of that, the addition of multimodal input to GPT-4 opens a whole new dimension of things that are doable with these text models, elevating what you can do to essentialy infinity. The best part? Low-to-no coding required.

Who is this for?

We have all types of people join, from programmers and marketing directors to renowned copywriters in all sort of industries like publishing, editorial, SEO, advertising, creative writing and technology.


If your day-to-day often means writing text, you're probably already familiar with models like GPT-3, but are you aware of everything you're missing out on? Take your craft to the next level.

Marketing managers

If your job requires you to choose what goes live and what doesn't, GPT is for you. Stop spending time on implementation details and focus your time on what matters: choosing what works.


If you write code for a living, you're in the center of everything that's going on in the LLM space. Incorporating an AI into your workflow will feel like having a whole developer working for you.

What will you learn?

Here's a glimpse of what we'll cover*:

  • What's a language model
  • How do modern language models work? Next word prediction
  • Natural Language Processing 101: tokenization, text processing, training corpus
  • The old vs the new: bag of words, Word2Vec and the things people tried before
  • The Transformer revolution – why is GPT so powerful
  • Limitations of ChatGPT: numbers, hallucinations, making things up, updated information retrieval
  • Limitations of GPT-4: what we know so far
  • Strengths of ChatGPT, nifty tricks with image-generation models and use-cases
  • Accessing the full power of GPT models: ChatGPT API, GPT-4 API and no-code implementations
  • Practical use cases
  • Running your own LLM on your computer, so you stop depending on GPT: LLaMA and Alpaca

Enroll now · $149 $49

The course is now 🟢 LIVE

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The full course, along with all resources, community access and completion certificate will cost $149 – but you can get it today for $49 (that's 67% off!)

Why the discount?

The reason is you're early: we've just launched the course and want to reward early customers. Price will increase to full price in just a few days - get it asap!

What's included?

High-quality content, insider knowledge and tricks from top notch AI users, hand-picked resources, a cheatsheet, community access, and a certificate.

When is the course?

The course is now live! It's open now, you can enroll and take the course asynchronously anytime you want, on your own time.

What's the time commitment?

The whole course will probably take you 10-20 hours. Most people complete it in two weeks with a couple hours dedication each day.

Is this live or async?

It's all async! You can study and practice on your own time. All of the content will be available to you when you sign up and you'll have access to it forever :)

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The course is now 🟢 LIVE