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万象熔炉 | Anything V5

8 months ago

See the introduction before you use it !!!!!




04894-3388887486-1girl,lake,_(-3-_),short hair,flower-shaped pupils,sailor,yellow theme hair,.jpg


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更新 | Update log


Anything series model currently has four basic versions V1, V2.1, V3 and V5. The version marked with RE is the repair version, which fixes problems with models such as clip. Prt is a special trim version of V5, which is the most recommended version


  • A3 BF16

  • A3 For-Tachie


  • Anything-V5[Prt]

  • AnythingV5放弃了原本的合成方法

    V5 abandoned the original merger method

  • V5模型提示词更准确(可能),但简单提示词的效果并不如V3

    V5 model prompt words are more accurate, but the effect of simple prompt words is not as good as V3 model.


  • 如果追求单纯的图片好看而不是tag更为听话,请使用V3而不是V5

    If there is no need to pursue upper limits, use V3 instead of V5

  • V5比V3更适合搭配lora使用

    V5 is better with Lora.


  • Clip fix.

  • A5的Clip修复版本

  • 请使用这个版本的模型!!!

    Please use this model!!!


  • 上传了原版的V5模型,实际效果并不如Prt,更比不上Prt-Re

    The original AnythingV5, but not as effective as PRT.


  • Anything-V3-RE

  • 上传了提示词更为准确(可能)的V3重置版本

    The prompt word may be more accurate


  • Anything 2.1[RE]

  • 请不要随意更改本模型VAE,否则会出现饱和度过低的问题

    Do not change this model VAE at will, otherwise the problem of low saturation will occur

  • V2.1和V5一样有着众多的衍生版本,是否分享出来还是看大家的意愿,大家想要我就发出来,不想要就不发了(主要是模型上传时间太长)

    As with V5, there are many derivative versions of V2.1. Whether to share them depends on your will. If you want them, I will send them; if you don't want them, I won't send them (it takes too long to upload the model).

说明 | specification

  • Anything是纯二次元的模型,不包含任何真人/3D模型或者25D模型

  • Pure quadratic metamodel

  • 合成方式:A +0.1B+C+0.1B+D+0.1B+E+0.1B+……

    Merge method:A +0.1B+C+0.1B+D+0.1B+E+0.1B+……

  • 这种合并方法是早期不知道原理的产物,出现问题的概率很高,所以这并不是一个合理的合成方法。

    This merge method has a high probability of problems.This is not a reasonable merge method.

  • 注意:Anything系列模型不会包含有AOM系列模型

    Attention:Anything does not include AOM models.

  • huggingface:Linaqruf/anything-v3.0 · Hugging Face

  • [因为我不会英文的缘故,Huggingface上的模型并不是由我本人上传。是由别人经过了我的同意后上传的]

    [It wasn't me who uploaded the model to huggingface, but with my permission because I don't speak any English.]

  • [Introduction to using Youdao for translation]

局限性 | Limitations

  • 请不要把anything-v3的质量看的有多么好,因为本身就是个输入tag毫无忠诚度可言的模型。在发现这点之后我在很长一段时间内没有再融合新的模型,这种性质的融合模型简直就是浪费时间。


  • Anything-3/2.1本来就是个把当时见到的所有模型一股脑瞎融到一起的的产物,其中Clip/UNET/VAE全都是有问题的,虽说Clip可以修复偏移,但是TE本身也是是有严重的问题的,这会造成测试出来clip并没有偏移,但是tag等依旧出现各种各样的问题。即使修复了clip模型老老实实读取tag了,TE也会影响模型对tag的理解。并且这个是完全没有修复的必要(实际修复操作还不如自己整个新模型)。

    anything- 3/2.1は、最初に見たすべてのモデルをまとめたものです。Clip/UNET/VAEには問題がありました。Clipはオフセットを修正できますが、TEにも深刻な問題がありました。しかし、tagなどではさまざまな問題が出てきます。clipモデルを修正して素直にtagを読み込んでも、teはモデルのtagの理解に影響します。そしてこれは全く修復の必要がありません(実際の修復作業はむしろ自分全体の新しいモデルです)。

  • 本以为Anything-v3是下限,但是现在这个下限变成了上限。甚至于说,前段时间出现一个tag和输出图片几乎毫不相干的模型,而且这个模型还有一大堆人去吹捧,然后群里频道一说就“不喜欢就不喜欢,没必要拉踩”。


  • 现在绝大部分融合模型作者根本没有意识到这个问题,甚至连基本的clip都不做处理,随便下载一个xxxMix都是这种情况,更别提Te等方面了:


  • 相同模型不同clip的对照(读取tag能力差距非常大)

    Comparison chart of different clips of the same model:(The ability to read prompts varies greatly)

  • 【这次改了明白点,省的一堆人在群里说我开地图炮。】


其他说明 | other

  • 你可以随意将本模型融合到其他地方,但如果你共享该融合模型,别忘了标注一下

    We allow you to merge with another model, but if you share that merge model, don't forget to add me to the credits.

  • [元素法典]-779

  • Anything系列并没有4.0和4.0版本,请不要通过这个联想到我。我本因为意识到融合模型的种种问题而放弃了angthing3之后的版本制作,没想到会有人搞出来4和4.5版本。

    There is no version 4.0 or 4.0 of Anything series, please don't think of me by that. I was so aware of the problems with the fusion model that I gave up on the post-AngThing3 versions that I didn't expect anyone to come up with versions 4 and 4.5.

  • 这是AnythingV3最开始分享的地方:

    Where Anything3.0 was first released:


What is 万象熔炉 | Anything V5?

万象熔炉 | Anything V5 is a highly specialized Image generation AI Model of type Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Model created by AI community user Yuno779. Derived from the powerful Stable Diffusion (SD 1.5) model, 万象熔炉 | Anything V5 has undergone an extensive fine-tuning process, leveraging the power of a dataset consisting of images generated by other AI models or user-contributed data. This fine-tuning process ensures that 万象熔炉 | Anything V5 is capable of generating images that are highly relevant to the specific use-cases it was designed for, such as anime.

With a rating of 4.88 and over 121 ratings, 万象熔炉 | Anything V5 is a popular choice among users for generating high-quality images from text prompts.

Can I download 万象熔炉 | Anything V5?

Yes! You can download the latest version of 万象熔炉 | Anything V5 from here.

How to use 万象熔炉 | Anything V5?

To use 万象熔炉 | Anything V5, download the model checkpoint file and set up an UI for running Stable Diffusion models (for example, AUTOMATIC1111). Then, provide the model with a detailed text prompt to generate an image. Experiment with different prompts and settings to achieve the desired results. If this sounds a bit complicated, check out our initial guide to Stable Diffusion – it might be of help. And if you really want to dive deep into AI image generation and understand how set up AUTOMATIC1111 to use Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Models like 万象熔炉 | Anything V5, check out our crash course in AI image generation.

Download (2.09 GB) Download available on desktop only
You'll need to use a program like A1111 to run this – learn how in our crash course


35k 5k


Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (V2.1[RE]): 1 File

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

10 Versions

万象熔炉 | Anything V5 V2.1[RE] prompts

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