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如果你想使用效果更强的版本,请移步:NegativeEmbedding - AnimeIllustDiffusion | Stable Diffusion TextualInversion | Civitai。这是一个用于修理各种各样画质和畸形问题的负面pt。他效果强劲,但更可能会破坏您原本的风格,且占用大量词元数(使用它时,其实您也不需要再使用很多负面提示词)。

虽然它是为 AnimeIllustDiffusion 模型设计的,但您也可以在其他模型上使用。



您应该将下载得到的负面文本嵌入文件,即 文件放置在您 stable diffusion 目录下的 embeddings 文件夹内。之后,您只需要在填写负面提示词处输入 badhandv4 即可。

Introduction (English)

Basic Information

This textual embedding is a negative textual embedding. It can improve the hand details of AI-generated images with less impact on the style of painting. If it makes your model behave worse than before, do not use it. You can use it with other negative text embeddings.

If you are looking for a stronger version, please go to: NegativeEmbedding - AnimeIllustDiffusion | Stable Diffusion TextualInversion | Civitai. This is another powerful negative pt for fixing a variety of deformity problem. It is more likely to influence your original style, and takes up a lot of tokens (When using it, you actually don't need to use a lot of negative prompts, which may be acceptable).

Although it was designed for AnimeIllustDiffusion model, you can use it on other models as well.

Also, I found that it performs better with higher CFG scale (>=11).

How to Use It

You should place the downloaded file,, in the 'embeddings' folder of your stable diffusion directory. After that, you just need to enter 'badhandv4' in the negative prompt field.

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