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8 months ago

NOTICE:LET ME KNOW before you put this model on commercial usage.

My twitter account:@eagelaxis :) Contact me if needed.

Discord Account:Eagelaxis#7818

Version Choosing Advice:V2f,V3,Coda and V3.5 are recommended,especially CODA for first-time users.

Hard to tell how many models used to merge.

Check the example images to recognize this model's art style

For more example images, just take a look at https://pixai.art

More attention on shades and backgrounds compared with former models(Andromeda-Mix | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai)

Hands-fix is still waiting to be improved.

Highres-fix(upscaler) is strongly recommended(using the SwinIR_4x,R-ESRGAN 4x+anime6B by myself) in order to not make blurry images.

(Sorry for the misunderstanding caused by myself."Bad_prompt_v2:1.4" is a kind of embedding recognized as collection of normal negative prompts such as"lowres,bad anatomy".)

Recommend: Clip skip 2 Sampler:DPM++2M Karras Steps:20+

CFG scale:4-8 Vae:Pastel-Waifu-Diffusion.vae.pt(The vae used by Pastel-mix si just good enough)

Highres.fix:SwinIR_4x Hires steps:10+ Denoising strength:0.4+ Upscale by: 1.5+

Loras along with embeddings on hands-fix are strongly recommended.

V4 should be coming soon.

Looking forward to your reviews!


What is Cetus-Mix?

Cetus-Mix is a highly specialized Image generation AI Model of type Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Model created by AI community user Eagelaxis. Derived from the powerful Stable Diffusion (SD 1.5) model, Cetus-Mix has undergone an extensive fine-tuning process, leveraging the power of a dataset consisting of images generated by other AI models or user-contributed data. This fine-tuning process ensures that Cetus-Mix is capable of generating images that are highly relevant to the specific use-cases it was designed for, such as anime, style.

With a rating of 4.95 and over 245 ratings, Cetus-Mix is a popular choice among users for generating high-quality images from text prompts.

Can I download Cetus-Mix?

Yes! You can download the latest version of Cetus-Mix from here.

How to use Cetus-Mix?

To use Cetus-Mix, download the model checkpoint file and set up an UI for running Stable Diffusion models (for example, AUTOMATIC1111). Then, provide the model with a detailed text prompt to generate an image. Experiment with different prompts and settings to achieve the desired results. If this sounds a bit complicated, check out our initial guide to Stable Diffusion – it might be of help. And if you really want to dive deep into AI image generation and understand how set up AUTOMATIC1111 to use Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Models like Cetus-Mix, check out our crash course in AI image generation.

Download (3.5 GB) Download available on desktop only
You'll need to use a program like A1111 to run this – learn how in our crash course


80k 14k


Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (CetusMix_Coda2): 2 Files

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: CetusMix_Coda2

Mainly changed some meaningless shades on common generating occassions compared with Version Coda1.

9 Versions

Cetus-Mix CetusMix_Coda2 prompts

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