Character Turnaround OpenPose

about 1 year ago

Disclaimer: This is not made by me.

These poses were originally posted on r/StableDiffusion by u/lekima. I reached out to u/lekima to see if they would post their work on civitai. They were receptive but I believe forgot, and I can't bring myself to urge a stranger online to do something so insignificant. Therefore, let all credit be attributed to u/lekima and reach out to them if you find this model useful.

To u/lekima, if you see this, and want it to be removed and attributed under your own submission, please do let me know. Click "show more" for instructions.

u/lekima has since given permission for me to keep this file up, but go check out their profile on CivitAI in case they upload any other awesome stuff!

All instructions are compiled from the comments on this thread:

Step 1: Set Structure

  • In txt2img tab

  • Upload the OpenPose template to ControlNet

  • Check Enable and Low VRAM

  • Preprocessor: None

  • Model: control_sd15_openpose

  • Guidance Strength: 1

  • Weight: 1

Step 2: Explore

  • In txt2img tab

  • Enter desired prompts

  • Size: same aspect ratio as the OpenPose template (2:1)

  • Settings: DPM++ 2M Karras, Steps: 20, CFG Scale: 10

  • Batch size: 4 or 8 (depends on your machine)

  • Generate the images

  • Adjust prompts, settings and re-generate until happy 🔁

Step 3: Upscale / Finalize

  • In txt2img tab

  • Select the generated image you want to upscale

  • In Seed section, click ♻️ button to reuse the seed

  • Enable Hires.fix with settings: Denoising: 0.6, Hires upscale: 1.8, Hires upscaler: Latent

  • Batch size: 1

  • Generate the image

  • Adjust prompts, settings and re-generate until happy 🔁

A few notes:

  • You should set the size to be the same as the template (1024x512 or 2:1 aspect ratio).

  • You can add simple background or reference sheet to the prompts to simplify the background, they work pretty well.

  • It's very difficult to make sure all the details are the same between poses (without inpainting), adding keywords like character turnaround, multiple views, 1girl or solo will help keep things a little bit more consistent.

  • If you have any tips and tricks to improve the process/results further, please let me know.

Question: Ah, is there a negative prompt you're using at all? or is it just the positive ones?

Answer: Yes there is, it's simply EasyNegative, extra fingers, fewer fingers
You can get EasyNegative here btw. Hope this helps!

Question: Very cool! Could you tell me which model you are using? Is this a trained model by you or is it available for download?

Answer: Thank you! I used Counterfeit v2.5 for these examples, you can download it by following the link. Hope this helps!

Download (111 KB) Download available on desktop only


8k 1k


Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (LekimaTurnaroundV1): 1 File

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: LekimaTurnaroundV1

Initial Release

1 Version

😥 There are no Character Turnaround OpenPose LekimaTurnaroundV1 prompts yet!

Go ahead and upload yours!

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