Daiichi Ruby (umamusume)

12 months ago

LoRA of Daiichi Ruby (umamusume)

Please install extension on WebUI. And details are in note of each version.

Recommend options

  • LoRA weight around 0.8

  • Trigger words

    • base

      • daiichi ruby \(umamusume\)

    • Racing competition costume :

      • red ascot, puffy long sleeves, collared dress, frilled dress, purple dress, white pantyhose, mary janes, black footwear

      • (optional) playing instrument, holding instrument, violin

    • Casual clothes :

      • casual, long sleeves, blue shirt, collared shirt, shirt stuck in skirt, blue skirt, long skirt, flat skirt, white pantyhose, blue footwear, loafer

      • Due to lack of dataset. It is occasionally appearing.

    • Tracen school uniform :

      • tracen school uniform, purple shirt, pleated skirt, puffy short sleeves, white skirt, puffy sleeves, summer uniform, frilled skirt, sailor collar, sailor shirt, miniskirt, frills, white thighhighs

Use a model derived from or mixed with animefull model.

LoRA training info

  • trained on sd-scripts by kohya_ss.

  • based on Animefull-pruned model

  • 44 images of daiichi ruby

    • 4x low quality 10 images

    • 8x medium quality 15 images

    • 16x high quality 20 images

    • => 1 epoch = 480 images

  • replaced character feature tags with daiichi ruby \(umamusume\)

    • horse girl, horse tail, drill hair, pink eyes, etc.

  • resolution : 768x768 with aspect ratio bucketing.

  • other training settings is included in training_data.zip

This LoRA may be compatible with animefull-based models (ex. AbyssOrangeMix Series...)

All uploaded images are generated by AOM3A1

And, special thanks to my best friend. DH.

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2k 220


Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (LoHa): 2 Files

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: LoHa

LoHa version.

  • Please install extension on WebUI

  • LoRA with Hadamard Product. From FedPara

    • rank is 4. (Theoretically, it has potentially same quality as LoCon of rank 16(37.2MB).

    • I made LoCon version too, but that one has lower quality.

1 Version

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