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A hypernetwork I trained on anime/painterly style post-apocalypse and cyberpunk images. I was going for a Lain/Dorohedoro/Texhnolyze kind of feel. This works great on semi-realistic models and anime models.

Recommended tags:

Location/setting: cyberpunk, cityscape, city lights, streets, alleyway, outdoors, slums, apocalypse

Colors: muted, desaturated, brown, gold, silver, gray (this is also great at doing very colorful images as well!)

Artists/style: Your favorite anime artists or anime shows/movies from the 80's/90's ;)

Best range of hypernet strength is 0.5 to 0.7 imo.

Can do NSFW, but no NSFW was included in the training data, so use at your own risk.

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Base model: Other

Latest version (Desolation 2): 1 File

desolation_2.pt (81.7 MB)
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About this version: Desolation 2

Refined the training, removed images and added new ones. Trained for more steps. I would not say that this version is "better" It's much more detailed, but not nearly as stylized.

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