Doctor Diffusion's "Point E" Negative Embedding

over 1 year ago

Greetings fellow latent space explorers! I present to you a revolutionary negative embedding straight from my laboratory. With this free tool, you will be able to imbue your images with improved cohesion, detail, and photorealism.

This embedding has been rigorously trained on upscaled "768x768" versions of the seed images used in OpenAI's renowned COCO CLIP R-Precision evaluations, included with the release of OpenAI's "Point E" Img-2-3D script.

I have personally found that the DIMM sampler yields the most impressive results with this negative embedding. Do not hesitate, try it out for yourself and witness the transformative power of cutting-edge science!

Examples are of images with and without the negative embedding. The gird image displays results when using as a positive prompt embedding.

Download (32.1 KB) Download available on desktop only


3k 250


Base model: SD 2.1 768
Trigger word:

Latest version (DrD_PNTE768_v1): 1 File (32.1 KB)
To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: DrD_PNTE768_v1

Do not miss out on this opportunity to enhance your image processing capabilities with the base version of our powerful negative embedding. While it was originally designed to enhance the performance of OpenAI's Point-E, it has proven to be much more versatile in its abilities. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

1 Version

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