12 months ago

UPDATE: v2-pynoise released, read the Version changes/notes

LORA based on the Noise Offset post for better contrast and darker images.

Weighting depends often on Sampler, kept it in the low-middle range (Maybe i will put up a stronger one).

Custom weighting is needed sometimes.

Works better if u use good keywords like: dark studio, rim lighting, two tone lighting, dimly lit, low key etc.

Didn't like the color saturation and image compositions from the theovercomer8sContrastFix_sd15 so i made this one.

UPDATE: v2 is slightly stronger in the whole composition

Update 2: added safetensor file

Quick Comparsion

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Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (v2-pynoise): 2 Files

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About this version: v2-pynoise

I found an article of @johnowhitaker for another noise offset method called "pyramid noise" - gave it a shot. It's very subtle and starts to kick in at a weighting at 2-3, because i had a settings error, so the outcome wasn't as i thought it was. At least the bleeding on high weights are now almost gone, therefore its loses much saturation i guess. Just play around.

If u use Additional Networks u have to push the Max Limit in the config file over 2 to get more depth.

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