【Honkai Impact 3rd_崩坏三】Mobius_梅比乌斯(原皮,海洋,沙漠合一)

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基本实现了三套服装稳定合并到一个,但具体还原和使用效果可能还需要模型配合。(Basically, the three sets of clothing have been stably combined into one, but the specific restoration and use effect may need the cooperation of the model.)


  • 海洋(Sea):(twintails, mbsw, blue long skirt:1.1),(blue dress:1.1), horns,(green hair:1.3), detailed eyes,

  • 沙漠(Desert):(mbac, arabian clothes, white cat ears hood:1.2),egyptian clothes, white-egyptian-dress, (white dress:1.3), desert,(mouth veil,veil:1.3), bandages, (green hair:1.3),gold jewelry,detailed eyes,

  • 原皮(Oringin):(mbor, black dress :1.1),(black Trident Crown:1.2),black headpiece,green hair,detailed eyes,

四个版本的主要区别在于底模,以及是否使用正则化。均在模型名称中有体现(The main differences between the four versions are the base mold and whether regularization is used. are reflected in the model name):

  • -any4.5:Trained on anything4.5

  • -nai:Trained on animefull-latest

  • -reg:Regularization was used

我的其他模型可见抱抱脸(My other models):https://huggingface.co/Tanger/LoraByTanger

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920 160


Base model: SD 1.5
Trigger words:

Latest version ((v5)-nai-reg-mobius(mbor_mbac_mbsw_mbothers)-000010): 1 File

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About this version: (v5)-nai-reg-mobius(mbor_mbac_mbsw_mbothers)-000010

Trained on animefull-latest

Regularization was used

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