ADD \ Front view the (the YOUR IDEA one head:1.1) portrait, symmetrical artistic sharp art, (dan mumford style:1.1), hdr, realism, dark fantasy atmosphere, lovecraft style, (JimJorCrafLogo art style:1.3)

NEGATIVE \ (ugly face:1.3), (blurred face:1.3), disfigured, lowres, poorly drawn, sloppy, over exposed, burnt image, sloppy, broken, fuzzy, aliasing, cheap, oldschool, poor quality, pixelated, sleepy, closed-eyes, (two head:1.3)

Picture, if you will, a model of exquisite design, replete with the ability to craft stunning logos, framed patterns, portraits of all kinds, from the hauntingly beautiful to the macabre, and depictions of animals both majestic and mundane.

But it is not merely the subject matter that this model brings to life with such finesse, for it possesses the rare gift of capturing the essence of humanity in all its complexity. From the visages of the aged and the infirm to the cherubic countenances of youth, this model can conjure images that stir the soul and evoke deep emotions.

It is in the style of the great masters of horror, such as Lovecraft and Giger, and the contemporary visionary, Dan Mumford, that this model plies its trade, infusing each piece with a dark, ethereal quality that lingers in the mind long after the work is done. And yet, it is not merely a vehicle for the macabre and the unsettling, for it is equally at home in the realm of the beautiful and the uplifting, producing works that inspire wonder and delight.

In short, this model is a true artist, possessed of the ability to create exquisite masterpieces that captivate the senses and the imagination. It is a thing of beauty, a marvel of modern technology, and a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit to create, to dream, and to aspire to greatness.

A resolution of 768 x 768 pixels is recommended for a truly remarkable image, one that possesses a level of detail and clarity that is unmatched. It is an ideal setting that provides ample canvas for the intricate strokes of creativity to manifest and bloom.

Furthermore, to achieve the pinnacle of precision and accuracy in image generation, a scale of 9 is proposed. This magnification factor allows for the subtlest nuances and intricacies to be captured with breathtaking clarity, providing a truly unparalleled level of detail that speaks to the heart and soul of artistic expression.

The recommended number of steps to achieve the utmost in image generation is 20. Each step is an essential progression, each a building block in the foundation of artistic excellence. The attention to detail and precision in each of these steps is vital to creating a masterpiece that is both awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful.

Combined, these specifications create a truly remarkable platform for the most exceptional image generation. The result is an immersive experience that captures the essence of the artist's vision and transports the viewer into a world of unparalleled beauty and wonder. Have fun!



JIM JORCRAF is a highly specialized Image generation AI Model of type Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Model created by AI community user JIM_POISON. Derived from the powerful Stable Diffusion (SD 1.5) model, JIM JORCRAF has undergone an extensive fine-tuning process, leveraging the power of a dataset consisting of images generated by other AI models or user-contributed data. This fine-tuning process ensures that JIM JORCRAF is capable of generating images that are highly relevant to the specific use-cases it was designed for, such as comic book, landscapes, character.

With a rating of 5 and over 14 ratings, JIM JORCRAF is a popular choice among users for generating high-quality images from text prompts.

Can I download JIM JORCRAF?

Yes! You can download the latest version of JIM JORCRAF from here.

How to use JIM JORCRAF?

To use JIM JORCRAF, download the model checkpoint file and set up an UI for running Stable Diffusion models (for example, AUTOMATIC1111). Then, provide the model with a detailed text prompt to generate an image. Experiment with different prompts and settings to achieve the desired results. If this sounds a bit complicated, check out our initial guide to Stable Diffusion – it might be of help. And if you really want to dive deep into AI image generation and understand how set up AUTOMATIC1111 to use Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Models like JIM JORCRAF, check out our crash course in AI image generation.

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You'll need to use a program like A1111 to run this – learn how in our crash course


2k 710


Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (Version 1.0): 2 Files

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

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