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The model is trained on panel-constructed apartment blocks — so-called Khrushchevka buildings or more recently Panelki (Панельки). As they have been built in ambudance all over the USSR and the Eastern Block, a large amount of people living inside the post-soviet region have been raised in them and thus panelki have left a strong trace in their memories. Their grayish look and cheap, mass-produced structure made them the symbol of futurelessness, loneliness inside the crowd and depression. In recent times, the repeating pattern, decaying and crowded nature gained them the reputation of eldritch structures, for example, reflected in the fandom of Samosbor where the action happens inside the infinite Gigakhrushchevka.

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Модель обучена на панельных квартирных блоках — так называемых «хрущёвках» или, с недавних пор, «панельками». Поскольку их строили в чрезмерных количествах по всему СССР и странам Варшавского договора, значительное число людей на постсоветском пространстве провели в них своё детство, и посему панельки оставили нестираемый след в их памяти. Серый внешний вид и дешёвое строение, предназначенное для массового производства, сделало их символом безысходности, одиночества в толпе и уныния. В последнее время повторяющаяся структура, обветшалость и теснота заслужили им славу непостижимых мистических объектов, что, к примеру, отражает фандом Самосбора, где действие происходит внутри бесконечно большой Гигахрущёвки.


What is Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion)?

Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion) is a highly specialized Image generation AI Model of type Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Model created by AI community user kabachuha. Derived from the powerful Stable Diffusion (SD 1.5) model, Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion) has undergone an extensive fine-tuning process, leveraging the power of a dataset consisting of images generated by other AI models or user-contributed data. This fine-tuning process ensures that Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion) is capable of generating images that are highly relevant to the specific use-cases it was designed for, such as city, retro, post apocalyptic.

With a rating of 5 and over 2 ratings, Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion) is a popular choice among users for generating high-quality images from text prompts.

Can I download Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion)?

Yes! You can download the latest version of Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion) from here.

How to use Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion)?

To use Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion), download the model checkpoint file and set up an UI for running Stable Diffusion models (for example, AUTOMATIC1111). Then, provide the model with a detailed text prompt to generate an image. Experiment with different prompts and settings to achieve the desired results. If this sounds a bit complicated, check out our initial guide to Stable Diffusion – it might be of help. And if you really want to dive deep into AI image generation and understand how set up AUTOMATIC1111 to use Safetensors / Checkpoint AI Models like Панельки (Khrushchevka Diffusion), check out our crash course in AI image generation.

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