Lucy (Cyberpunk Edgerunners) LoRA

v42 epochs
about 1 year ago

Lucy (Cyberpunk Edgerunners) LoRA

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Another hard LoRA for another great character design. Both version (35 and 42) are flexible enough. I'd say that 35 is a bit better with her normal outfit, but 42 is a bit more precise with her naked (but it still needs some help with triggers like (robot joints:0.5) and mechanical parts). None of them seem to get her back pattern perfectly, as the dataset was not very consistent, but the 42 epoch version is a little bit more precise on that. Trigger is lucy \(cyberpunk\), weight should be between 0.5 and 0.7. Models I used are AOMv2 and Any4.5.

The as a LoRA this is flexible enough to allow you to change her hairstyle, clothes, have just pieces of her outfit or all of it. But if you type jacket you get her jacket, if you type shorts you get her shorts, etc.

How to use LoRA's in auto1111:

  • Update webui (use git pull like here or redownload it)

  • Copy the file to stable-diffusion-webui/models/lora

  • Select your LoRA like in this video

  • Make sure to change the weight (by default it's :1 which is usually too high)

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Base model: SD 1.5
Trigger word:

Latest version (42 epochs): 1 File

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About this version: 42 epochs

Better for nudes, aid using (robot joints:0.5) and mechanical parts.

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