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This is a negative prompt embedding for SD 2.1 768. This will not work with SD 1.X based models. This is also likely not useful for any anime style models, such as WD 1.4, due to the difference in tags and style.

Tends to overly smooth subjects. Experiment with different versions to see what works best for you. Adjusting emphasis lower than 0.9 may cause degradation in quality.

From Author
"Here is a negative prompt embedding I created in the hopes of using embeddings to eliminate anatomical mutations and disfigurements. The 400-500 step versions seem to work the best with no positive prompt embeddings, however you can seemingly use all of them up to 2400 steps with very good results if you are using other embeddings in your positive prompt. This is an experiment, but the results are already impressive. Toy around with it, it can make some really cool images!"

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