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PlanIt! a documentation embedding

11 months ago

PlanIt is a companion embedding to charTurner, for objects instead of characters.
In general, PlanIt works best at the front of the prompt for the strongest effect, and at the end for a more subtle effect.

Works in all models, just differently in some of them. Protogen Infinity is what most of the examples are done it, but it works in the base model (1.5 and 2+) as well.

Helpful keywords

  • scientific diagram,

  • scientific illustration,

  • concept render,

  • architectural plans,

  • technical illustration,

  • patent diagram

Helpful Negatives

Sepia, Vintage, - for a modern look

Character, person, woman, man - reduce people showing up

Grid, Grain, vignette - depending on the look you're going for


I haven't 'cracked' the perfect 'give it a finished object and have it spit out views/plans' method yet. I'm working on it.

Download (12.6 KB) Download available on desktop only


7k 1k


Base model: SD 2.1
Trigger word:

Latest version (PlanIt2): 1 File

PlanIt2.pt (12.6 KB)
To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

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