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12 months ago

This is a DreamArtist Textual Inversion Style Embedding trained on an image of a colorful cyberpunk-style skeleton (wearing headphones). You can expect to get some super weird colors, and intricate robotic cyberpunk style clothing in your images by calling Style-Psycho in the positive prompt, and if you want to temper the effect, also call Style-Psycho-neg in the negative prompt

If you'd like the effect to come through stronger (some models need it), try bumping up the emphasis on Style-Psycho - see the images below. Mostly, you'll need to reduce the strength of Pyscho - it comes through pretty strongly.

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Props to Elldreth for the many hours spent figuring this all out with me! Go check his models.

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9k 1k


Base model: SD 1.5
Trigger word:

Latest version (Psycho): 2 Files

style-psycho.pt (15.5 KB)
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About this version: Psycho

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