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12 months ago

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Training without any real person's face in dataset.

  • Update 23/03/07: The problem about hands and extra fingers is fixed......a little bit?

For everyone: I am not using the official lora loader, so you should use the additional-network webui plugin to use my lora setting.
Recommended weights for txt2img - 0.55-0.75, higher weights may cause some issue.

Thank you for downloading!
Please leave a image with comment if you like it, I would love to see.

If you see anyone selling images that generated by this model on pixiv or other platform please message me on twitter.

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Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (RaidenShogun-HandsFix): 1 File

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About this version: RaidenShogun-HandsFix

Maybe fixed some hands problem?

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