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SCG Embedding Toolkit for Version 1.5 Models - A collection of tools and helpers from my personal kit

10 months ago

Over the last 6 months, I've created quite the collection of helper and tool embeds for doing things like fixing faces, pushing realism, creating anime scenes, making subjects smile, or cry, or face the camera, whatever. Rather than creating separate listings for the literal dozens of tools I have, I've decided instead to just create a "master" listing for all of my tools that I can then update whenever I have new tools to add.

Unlike some of my more grand embeddings out there, many of these serve simple purposes and are of limited effect by themselves. Some are little more than funny experiments that turned into something useful, while others were created as helpers as part of a larger project.

I will continue to update this listing as I create more tools. I'm not planning on exposing my ENTIRE toolbox, just the ones I use and share with friends most frequently.

Don't expect a lot of demo images or a lot of fanfare on this listing. This is my toolkit. If you want to use my tools, please, be my guest, but I make no guarantee of results - Sometimes they work great, sometimes they don't, the fun part is finding the best mix to get the results you want!

As with all of my other embeds, my tools are designed to be mixed with my other 1.5 compatible embeds available on my profile page. Mix and match for some really interesting outputs, and follow me here on Civit to be notified when I release new embeddings!


To use these embeddings in AUTOMATIC1111, copy them to your embeddings folder in your stable-diffusion-webui directory. No need to restart, just invoke the embedding from your prompt. Make sure you are using a 1.5 version compatible model or you will get errors!


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Base model: SD 1.5
Trigger word:

Latest version (Portrait512): 1 File

Portrait512.pt (36 KB)
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About this version: Portrait512


Gets your subject (somewhat) center framed, smiling and the focus of attention. Sometimes generates selfies, but mostly sticks to medium shot portrait style. If you don't like the soft focus for the background, add "blurry" to your negatives.

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