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词条写上<lora:shojovibe_v11:1>即可, 建议0.6-0.8

Shojo's boudoir photography, a doll face LORA,suitable for most styles from 2d to 3d.

<lora:shojovibe_v11:1>,0.6-0.8 recommended.


v1.1 样图用 Perfect World 完美世界 模型生成,推荐首选用这个模型。想要长腿或者更多可塑性的模型推荐Lucky Strike Mix,配合的也不错,脸会显得稍幼一点。


v1.1 Samples generated by Perfect World, recommend primary choice

also recommend Lucky Strike Mix for longer legs and better background.

also work for anime style. recommend: meinamix or facebombmix


v1.1 Update: 增加混血感、少女感。减少明星相似度。增加稳定性。略微改善皮肤过暗。减小无相应词条下裸露的几率。

已知问题:发色比较难改。服装和背景相似性较高。目前解决方案是使用Lucky Strike Mix

v1.1 Update: add little bit biracial feel, more shojo, improve stability, better lighting, reduce resemblance of celebrity

Known issues: difficult to change hair color or clothes. similar background (too much wood element).

Solution: use Lucky Strike Mix. add wood, wood texture, wood floor, etc., in negative prompt



warning: to avoid nude picture, try add clothes description, add 'topless', 'nude' in negative prompt.


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48k 8k


Base model: SD 2.0

Latest version (v1.1): 1 File

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: v1.1

v1.1 Update: add biracial feel, more shojo, improve stability, better lighting

known issues: hard to change hair color or clothes (except for sundress or lingerie etc,.,)

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