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11 months ago

Many thanks for such a great Widowmaker and Mercy embeddings goes to Master_Corneo

Also i really appreciate luisa_pinguin for great guide about hypernetworks training that helped me beat my fear of training tab.

So, about hypernetwork. It was trained on some Midjourney generations so it makes anime generations slightly more semi-realistic and adds some bloom and blurred background with some soft light.

  • Trained on Anything.v3 with clip_skip 2 so it should work with almost any other anime-based model.

  • Showcase images was generated with AbyssOrangeMix2_hard and clip_skip 2.

In general this hypernetwork is a child of luck and many tries, so if you know exactly how to train it properly and what all the parameters means, please share your knowledge.

Download (5.97 MB) Download available on desktop only


4k 440


Base model: Other

Latest version (sxz-bloom): 1 File

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

1 Version

😥 There are no SXZ Bloom sxz-bloom prompts yet!

Go ahead and upload yours!