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SXZ Cinematic

v800 Strong Enough
11 months ago

This hypernetwork was trained on Anything V3 so it should work with almost any anime-based model.

Every sample image was made with AbyssOrange_hard.

I recommend 0.6 strenght for most generations.

There is a few versions of hypernetwork, and each of it have different shading and affect on whole image with different strength.

Base dataset was 4K screenshots from Batman v Superman cropped to 512, so with more strenght of hypernetwork images will colorized more like color palette of this movie, and have more film grain with bokeh.

Sometimes it may conflict with LORA's styles so you may need to decrease strength of hypernetwork or LORA, also order of use matters in new Automatic 1111 interface, so maybe you will ned to experiment with stuff a lil bit.

Also if you have any info how to train hypernetworks, LORA's and TI properly, please share your knowledge.

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3k 180


Base model: Other

Latest version (800 Strong Enough ): 1 File

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About this version: 800 Strong Enough

More cinematic than semi-realistic.

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