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SXZ Iconmaker

iconmaker v2
10 months ago

This hypernetwork was trained on AnythingV3, so it should work pretty well with any or almost any other anime-based model. Also shows pretty solid results with Protogen, so feel free to experiment.
Showcase images was generated with AnythingV3.

My prompts for experemintation was pretty simple, so i recommend to begin with this parameters:

  • Prompt:

    masterpiece, your_object, dark_background, flat illustration, vector, very detailed

    Also try
    masterpiece, your_object, dark_background, very detailed, icon, centered, realistic, cinematic lighting

  • Negative:

    low quality, lowres, text, error, (cropped:1.2), worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, black and white, monochrome, censored, (out of frame:1.3)

Please share your images in review section down below.

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2k 350


Base model: SD 1.5

Latest version (iconmaker v2): 1 File

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: iconmaker v2

It's not exactly v2, but just another variant. Different dataset, more training steps, black outline and more iconish style than stickerish.
Sometimes gives not exact color images, so just put color which you wanna exclude in negative prompt.

2 Versions

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