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silki posted about 2 months ago
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(Masterpiece, concept art:1. 1) , Iridescent Painting, Supremacism, pop art, hyper-detailed, 1 girl, ko young hoon + kilian eng, airbrush, isometric 3d, beautiful watercolor painting, realistic, cosmic, futuristic, detailed, golden hour, iridescent, vibrant, [mark brooks, frank frazetta, david mann, kilian eng, jeff koons] , [painting by olga shvartsur, svetlana novikova] , digital painting, hyperrealism, surrealism, octane render, trending on ArtStation, <lora:add_detail:0. 6> , 16k, UHD, HDR, (Masterpiece:1. 5) , (best quality:1. 5) ,

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