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DejANULIA posted 7 months ago
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A portrait beautiful morning, golden sunlight sky, flower garden...


DEjANULIA -Beautiful morning AND flower

wide shot , a portrait image (full body shot) of girl, full shot, row photo, a beautiful girl face, with gracefully under blurry background soft golden sunlight in an open field. demand melancholic beautiful face (white hair), long hair, wearing exposes her midriff, slim waist, thin thighs, morning sky, posing in a flower garden, outdoors, posing for photoshoot, (wearing a white colored showcases the delicate intricacies of school uniform the armor),

Negative prompt: NSFW, don’t have big boobs, do not too much Mascara, loli, simple_background, cartoon, 3d, ugly, fat, obesity, chubby, deformed, deformity, ugliness, blurry, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, extra_limb, extra limbs, bad hands, wrong hands, poorly drawn hands, messy drawing, text, cropped head, bad anatomy, two heads, child, kid, gross, mutilated, disgusting, horrible, old, conjoined, lowres, extra digit, fewer digit, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, watermark, username, artist name, censored, error, missing fingers, cropped, normal quality, signature, b&w, weird colors, bad art, poorly drawn, nsfw, ugly, beard, mask, poor quality, deformities, extra limbs, extra fingers, incorrect anatomy, artifacts, inscription, signature, ((frame)), not fully in the frame, vignette, plastic, wrong anatomy, extra fingers, extra limbs, deformity, frame, inscription, logo, kid, text


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