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Red_King posted 9 months ago
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(Full body:1. 3) RAW colour photo of Red Sonja, long wind blown flowing wine red hair, (detailed scale pattern silver metal bikini:1. 3), no weapons, (detailed wolf fur cloak), (black leather gauntlets), (detailed knee length buckled leather boots)

Negative prompt: photo photography photography gun flintlock hat nude weapon (monochrome), (green) (oversaturated) (skinny) (stripes) (bad hands) (shiny leather) (puffy arms), (disfigured) (grain) (Deformed) (poorly drawn) (mutilated) (lowres) (deformed) (dark) (lowpoly) (CG) (3d) (blurry) (out-of-focus) (man) (male) (boy) (guy) (duplicate) (watermark) (label) (signature) (text) (cropped) (artifacts) (sword) (axe)(spear)(weapon)


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