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Yomikaku posted about 2 months ago
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[((max of small parts) ), slender asian girl slender stunning girl baggy clothes (black) trousers, sneakers::30], [max details, cyberpunk background, cyberpunk lighting, night city, neon, neon lighting, galagen, crime city background (girl in clothes fashion designer hnaoto, best street style post-ap fashion) +:20], [[((full body close-up three-quarters) ), (background of a night crime city japanese cluttered narrow street) ++ : (after the rain:1.2) , (night crime city background:0.8) , minimalism, Tsutomu Nihei style, light art, max clarity, cyberpunk atmosphere, cyberpunk background with neon lights, puddles:10]::45], [[(gradient neon lighting, neon reflexes) +, goth, depth of field, super detailed, hyper photorealistic, (light art, UHD, super resolution, Rembrandt lighting) +, (((natural reflection textures) )), cinematic lighting:35]::60], [(Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR, aperture f/8, shutter speed 1/250 sec, ISO 100) :50], [gorgeous beautiful face with narrow cheekbones, thoughtful expression, gaze into the distance, (expressive and deep symmetrical eyes) , dynamically waving hair:60]

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