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Liliane posted 4 months ago
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Eudora : MLBB Character

build (eudora:1.1) hero MLBB with (eudora costume:1.1) (RAW, photo hyperrealistic, HDR:1.1) game character mobile legends:bang bang, (background is MobileLegendsGame) , action fighting, wallpaper, fullbody, perfect body and hands, digital illustration, (art work:MobileLegendsGame) , (mobile legends game stylized:1.1) , unreal engine, render of (octane render:1.1) , 3d anime style in (blender, cinema4d, artstation, daz3d, devianart, MobileLegendsGame) , hyper realism, intricate design and detail, hyper complex, maximalist, overdetail, shining, reflection color of environment, futuristic and cyberpunk stylized, pop surealism, super detail, ultra hd, 8k, real life, maximum facial detail, cinematic lighting

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