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MommySciku posted 9 months ago
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CarnageStyle, (blood_red:1.3) , <lora:CarnageStyle:0.6> , A portrait of a cybernetic demon woman, a mask, cinematic, (gorgeous and detailed face) , detailed skin, detailed ashen maiden with ((silver hair) ), pale white skin, detailed dark eyes, inspiration, dark red colors, intricate detailing, surrealism, enigmatic grin, dressed in complex chaotic neon cyberpunk armor, glowing neon eyes, detailed eyes, cyberpunk landscape, red energy particles on hands, gruesome, teeth, mouth, frightening, deformation, <lora:more_details:0.6> , (Masterpiece:0.4) (best quality:0.6) (high quality:1) , <lora:ClassipeintXL1.9:1.6>
Negative prompt:

<bad_prompt:0.8> , <EasyNegativeV2:0.8> , <FastNegativeV2:0.8> , 3d, render, photo, lowres, (low quality:1.1) , (worst quality:1.1) , (bad quality:1.1)


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