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DarlingCat posted 10 months ago
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Beautiful cat girl. Cat ears. Cat tail. Beautiful face. Beautiful eyes. Slender body. White shirt and light jeans. Detailed face. Detailed eyes. High quality picture. Detailed picture. Masterpiece. ArtStation. A high resolution.

Negative prompt: Smeared face. fuzzy picture. bad anatomy, ugly, badly drawn, broken arms, mutated, mutilated, mutation, deformation, 6 fingers, 7 fingers, 4 fingers, extra fingers, extra arm, extra leg, extra limbs. bad eyes. Poor picture quality. Blurred picture. Smeared eyes. Dick. Not clear eyes. 1 leg. 3 legs. Defective legs. Defective face. Poor face quality. Extra legs and arms. Extra fingers. Crooked eyes. Smudged eyes.


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