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amf101fma posted about 1 month ago
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in a complex background close-full-body figurine of little Alita The Battle Angel (Alita The Battle Angel stands tall at 3 inches, a formidable figure crafted from high-quality PVC. With her sleek cybernetic body and piercing gaze, she exudes an aura of strength and determination. Clad in intricate armor adorned with battle scars, she wields her trusty Damascus blade with deadly precision. Every detail, from the gleaming metallic finish to the intricate etchings on her armor, captures the essence of this legendary warrior. Ready to face any challenge that comes her way, Alita The Battle Angel is a symbol of resilience and courage in the face of adversity.) , Prominent eyes, complex background, illustration, anime, vector, nft, azuki style, anime style, cowboy shot, digital multi colored, slick bold design, clean, glossy lines, digital illustration, gloss finish, funky aesthetic, impeccable detail, awesome visual impact, endowed with gloss finish, bathed in volumetric lighting,

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