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Liliane posted about 2 months ago
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(Beautiful sexy girl) , render, 8k, octane render, cinema 4d, blender, a character portrait, fullbody, perfect anatomy, trending on Artstation, digital art, render of a (3d:0.8) (anime:0.9) girl, Long hair, Straight hair, , a beautiful artwork illustration, highly detailed, (cartoon style illustration:0.8) , (v sign:1.3) , 8k, complex 3d render ultra detailed (full body) of a beautiful porcelain profile, atmospheric 4k ultra detailed, cinematic sensual, Sharp focus, humorous illustration, hyperrealistic, ((whore) ), big depth of field, colors, 3d octane render, 4k, concept art, trending on artstation, solo, full body shot (hyperrealistic, Hyperdetailed, Vivid colors, Wlop, stanley artgerm lau:1.5) , ((black bra, blue eyes, red long hair, breasts, dangle earrings, dice, pleated skirt, earrings, fishnets, fur-trimmed coat, jewelry, light trail, medium breasts, pantyhose, short hair, sleeveless, sleeveless dress) ), (((lying in bed in sexy pose) )), ((flirty face) ), (legs up)

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