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masterprompter posted 5 months ago
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I recently received this request of some ultra-realistic gems for commercial use from an infamous brand that sells one-of-a-kind gems. - To use for their campaign in India. - I then responded 20 minutes later with this message:
Dear Customer,
The image before you is showcasing a diverse array of gemstones with exceptional realism You may sense the vivid hues, ranging from deep blues to radiant reds, and the variety of cuts like round brilliant, oval, pear, marquise, and princess. Each gemstone's unique facets and angles are highlighted by expertly placed lighting, enhancing their brilliance against a dark backdrop. This image captures the opulence and rich diversity of these treasured stones. - capturing the very essence of what your brand is saying to your customers."
This immediately generated another request for a similar image to be used for a run on social media - which can be found on my profile, right next to this one...