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ScArecrow23 posted 10 months ago
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Carne Griffiths, Conrad Roset, Viking, colorful glamourous hyperdetailed medieval city background, intricate hyperdetailed breathtaking colorful glamorous scenic view landscape anime girl, petite young small body, hyperdetailed intricate flying fluffy hair, stray hairs, hyperdetailed complex, Anxious, hyperdetailed glowing light, glowing sunshine, studio lighting, cinematic light, highly detailed light reflection, iridescent light reflection, beautiful shading, impressionist painting, volumetric lighting maximalist photo illustration 64k, resolution high res intricately detailed complex, key visual, precise lineart, vibrant, panoramic, cinematic, masterfully crafted, 64k resolution, beautiful, stunning, ultra detailed, expressive, hypermaximalist, colorful, rich deep color, vintage show promotional poster, glamour, anime art, fantasy art, brush strokes, Model: Ghost Mix v1. 2

Negative prompt: (Easynegative:0.8), By (bad-artist:0.8), (bad-hands-5:1.1), (bad_prompt_version2:0.8), (ng_deepnegative_v1_75t:0.8), (((Naked, Nude, NSFW, Erotica))), duplicate, disfigured, mutation, mutated, deformed, (poorly drawn face), cloned face, cross eyed, ugly eyes, lazy eyes, wonky eyes,long neck, extra fingers, mutated hands, (fused fingers), (too many fingers), (missing arms), (missing legs), (extra arms), (extra legs), (poorly drawn hands), (bad anatomy), (bad proportions), (text), (signatures), lowres, (worst quality), (low quality), (normal quality), Out of Frame, blurry, jpeg artifacts, watermark, logo, letters, username, words, cropped, cartoon, split images, poorly drawn


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