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70c518a8575 posted about 1 month ago
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((((straight-on:1.4) ))), best quality, 8K, HDR, highres, blurry background, bokeh:1. 3, professional photography, (Photography) , (RAW photo:1.2, photorealistic:1.4, masterpiece:1.3, best quality:1.3, ultra highres:1.2) , (((pin light, back light) )), sharp focus:1. 4, (hyper detail, finely detailed) , morning sky, posing in a flower garden, outdoors, posing for photoshoot, (full body shot) , ((((mature woman, slim waist, thin thighs) ))) BREAK high detailed skin, beautiful skin, detailed beautiful face, (detailed eyes) , (detailed facial features) , beautiful and clear eyes, detailed eye pupil, lipgloss, blush makeup on cheek, (wearing a white colored school uniform) , small earrings, (white hair) , all clothes off.

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