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abyishot posted 8 months ago
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In the shadowy depths of the Mistwood Clan, a name sent shivers down the spine of every Orc and struck fear into the hearts of Elves and Humans alike - Gromarok the Unbreakable. Towering over his kin, his skin a deep, menacing shade of midnight, Gromarok was a high-ranking warrior in the clan, his reputation cemented by countless battles with the Elves and Humans. Each clash only solidified his fearsome legend, his brute strength and unyielding will, the stuff of nightmares.

Gromarok's adversaries marveled at his resilience. The Elves' arrows found no chink in his armor, and the Humans' mightiest blades merely scratched his hide. They whispered tales of his dark, unbreakable soul and his relentless spirit. Gromarok, in the midst of blood-soaked battles, stood as a beacon of terror among the Orcs, an emblem of unwavering might in a world where strength was revered above all else.