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7bd9517b18c posted 8 months ago
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Medium Long Shot, looking_at_ viewer, a male 40 years old lawyer wearing a optical glasses, short hair and a formal suite, New York street in the background, (building:1.1) , (8k, RAW photo, best quality, depth of field, ultra high res:1.2) , (absurdres, intricate, photorealistic, masterpiece, ultra-detailed:1.3)
Negative prompt:

bad-picture-chill-75v, dangerdonkey, easynegative, negativeembed, veryBadImageNegative_v1. 3, (animal-ears:1.1) , child, ((naked) ), (breasts:1.2) , (cleavage:1.2) , ((NSFW:1.3) ), man, Asian, Anime, cartoon, (tattoos:1.2) , worst quality, jpeg artifacts, text, signature, watermark, username, ugly, old, amateur drawing, odd, fat, out of frame, (bad hands:1.2) , (extra fingers:1.3) , asymmetrical eyes


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