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kiko_mhh posted about 1 year ago
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tarot card with intricate detailed frame around the outside, portrait of cyberpunk head with jester hat, cyberpunk, styled in Art Nouveau, insanely detailed, embellishments, high definition, concept art, digital art, vibrant, intricate detailed frame around the outside, detailed, 4K, details, focus, tarot card, detailed, Nouveau Cherub Stained Glass Cathedral, (Alphonse Mucha, James Jean, Erin Hanson) , hyperdetailed, backlit, 8k, UHD, HDR, (Masterpiece:1. 5) , (best quality:1. 5) , Model: 526 Mix, man
Negative prompt:

(bad-artist:0.8) , (bad-hands-5:0.8) , (bad-image-v2-39000:0.8) , (easynegative:0.8) , duplicate, disfigured, mutation, mutated, deformed, (poorly drawn face) , cloned face, cross eyed, long neck, extra fingers, mutated hands, (fused fingers) , (too many fingers) , (missing arms) , (missing legs) , (extra arms) , (extra legs) , (poorly drawn hands) , (bad anatomy) , (bad proportions) , (text) , (signatures) , lowres, (worst quality) , (low quality) , (normal quality) , Out of Frame, blurry, jpeg artifacts, watermark, logo, letters, username, words, cropped, cartoon, split images


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