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C_Sobi posted 10 months ago
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photorealistic, portrait of an hairy Indian strongwoman, hyper detailed symmetrical face, androgynous Hellenistic beauty, Clean shaven, natural soft glam makeup, seductive playful stare, perfect beautiful mesmerizing deep brown eyes, minimal eyeliner and eye lashes details, black curly wavy silky glossy opulent shaved side slick back wet haircut, , confident alluring facial expression, radiant hirsute voluminously hairy body, zebra colored pattern workout blouse, sweating, radiant slightly wet skin, indoor Victorian era gym, 8k, cinematic lighting, DVD screengrab from a James Cameron fantasy sci-fi film 1988 –ar 9:16 –v 4 –no (((2 heads) )), –no duplicate, –no blurry, –no abstract, –no disfigured, –no deformed, –no figure, –no framed, –no disfigured, –no bad art, –no deformed, –no poorly drawn, –no drawn, –no extra limbs, , –no b&w, –no weird colors, –no blurry, –no –no watermark, –no blur haze, –no 2 heads, –no long neck, –no watermark, –no elongated body, –no cropped image, –no out of frame, –no draft, –no deformed hands, –no twisted fingers, –no double image, –no malformed hands, –no multiple heads, –no extra limb, –no ugly, –no poorly drawn hands, –no missing limb, –no cut-off, –no over saturation, –no grain, –no lowres, –no bad anatomy, –no poorly drawn face, –no mutation, –no mutated, –no floating limbs, –no disconnected limbs, –no out of focus, –no long body, –no disgusting, extra fingers, –no groos proportions, –no missing arms, –no mutated hands, –no cloned face, –no missing legs, –no text, –no cartoon, –no drawings, –no 3d renders, –no animation, –no logos, –no facial hairs, –no mustaches

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