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Grayve posted about 2 months ago
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futuristic concept art, post-industrial with a dystopian influence, cavernous vertical space is dominated by a towering structure, framed in a chiaroscuro of shadow and light, digital art, Tsutomu Nihei style, portraying a complex, layered environment with a depth that suggests a story beyond the image, imaginary, positioned at a low angle to capture the enormity of the structure and the figure's confrontation with the colossa, wide-angle, to encompass the grandeur and detail of the industrial colossus, static, capturing a moment frozen in time, with high dynamic range to handle the stark contrasts, solitary figure, dwarfed by the massive structure, stands as a focal point amidst the overwhelming scale of their surroundings, figure appears contemplative, possibly overwhelmed, as they gaze upwards towards the intricate machinery above, an immense, possibly subterranean, industrial setting, reminiscent of a silo or reactor chamber, scene is filled with metal scaffolding, pipes, and industrial machinery, enveloped in darkness but for the beams of light streaming down, sparse and atmospheric, with beams of light cutting through the darkness to illuminate parts of the structure and the central figure, intricate design of the machinery and the texture of metal surfaces are rendered with precision, conveying a sense of decay and antiquity, environment evokes a sense of isolation and the daunting challenge of technology, with the figure representing humanity's small yet significant presence, high detailing, 16K UHD --ar 9:16 --style raw --stylize 300

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