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Liliane posted 4 months ago
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highest quality, award-winning, ((looking at the viewer) ), (sexy girl with beautiful short ginger hair) , ((pretty face) ), seductive look, (((sexy tied shirt) )), cowboy hat, ((sexy revealing tied cowgirl shirt) ), ((ultra tiny sexy Jean) ), ((sexy leather high cowgirl heels) ) athletic body, small breasts, ((large ass) ), candid, (detailed skin) , [beauty marks] , freckles, hyperrealistic photography, outdoors, standing in front of old western tavern, (storm clouds in the sky above) , stormy weather, natural lighting, (crepuscular rays:0.6) , photographed on a Sony a9 II Mirrorless Camera , 50mm prime lens, F/1. 4, (highly detailed) , cinestill 800, 8mm film grain, dynamic angle, full body, cowboy shot

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