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azamiiel posted 6 months ago
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Beautiful Japanese woman, porcelain skin, flawless and radiant, ethereal beauty, monolid eyes dark and deep, captivating gaze, eyeliner accentuates their allure, arched eyebrows convey tender expressions, Cherry lips are softly colored, Adornments of silk kimonos and ornate hairpieces add depth to her enchanting visage, RAW portrait, professional photography, high resolution, 4k, full body

Negative prompt: logo, text, blurry, low quality, bad anatomy, sketches, lowres, normal quality, monochrome, grayscale, worstquality, signature, watermark, cropped, bad proportions, out of focus, username, mutated, mutation, ugly, disfigured, poorly drawn face, (fat:1.2), missing fingers, bad hands, too many fingers, fused fingers


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