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ScArecrow23 posted 10 months ago
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Wallpaper, (delightful anatomy:1. 1), (gloomy illumination, insane, stunning, dramatic, completed artwork, HQ:1. 1), (Apterus anatomy, Dan mumford style:1. 2), Irrational hate, silenced by the masses, cold calculating killer of souls. I toast you with your essence. Until we meet again. backlit, Beatriz Bradaschii style, intense colors, use mark ryden style eyes, <lora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:2. 0>, 8k, UHD, HDR, (Masterpiece:1. 5), (best quality:1. 5), Model: jim EIDOMODE

Negative prompt: (bad-artist:0.8), (bad-hands-5:0.8) , (bad-image-v2-39000:0.8) , (easynegative:0.8), (Naked, Nude, NSFW, Erotica:2.0), duplicate, disfigured, mutation, mutated, deformed, (poorly drawn face), cloned face, cross eyed, long neck, extra fingers, mutated hands,(fused fingers), (too many fingers), (missing arms), (missing legs), (extra arms), (extra legs), (poorly drawn hands), (bad anatomy), (bad proportions), (text), (signatures), lowres, (worst quality), (low quality), (normal quality), Out of Frame, blurry, jpeg artifacts, watermark, logo, letters, username, words, cropped, cartoon, split images


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