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ElectricL posted 3 months ago
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Ishtar II

God rays (volumetric:1. 1) light. (she:1. 1) is fully (naked:1. 1) lush green vegetation with (intricate:1. 1) (colored:1. 4) (flowers:1. 5) ancient (ruins:1. 1) in the background . God rays (volumetric:1. 1) light. (young:1. 3) (beautiful:1. 4) (woman:1. 1) (realistic:1. 1) body and (skin:1. 1) (wide:1. 2) hips. (voluminous:1. 1) (messy:1. 1) black hair, The light is coming from one soft box (directly:1. 1) from above her (realistic:1. 2) and complex with (beautiful:1. 2) (highlights:1. 2) and (shadows:1. 1). She is standing on the floor in an (open:1. 3) room. Flowing azure water, Depict Ishtar, the ancient Mesopotamian goddess (0. 8), renowned for her beauty and fertility. She is in a grand, ethereal temple (0. 6), bathed in voluminous lighting (1. 0) and dramatic god rays (1. 2). (golden:1. 1) small particles fill the air. The scene captures her as a symbol of divine femininity (0. 7), with an aura of majesty and grace. Her attire is regal and befitting a goddess of her stature (0. 8), bare breasts covered with (sheer:1. 3) fabric, adorned with symbols of fertility and love like the eight-pointed star (0. 6). The background should reflect her connection to nature and agriculture (0. 5), with lush, flourishing vegetation (0. 7) and symbols of her war aspect, like lions (0. 5), subtly integrated. The composition should emphasize the play of light and shadow (1. 1), highlighting her features and the surrounding details, creating a mystical and awe-inspiring atmosphere (0. 9)

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