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3c826928d3c posted 6 months ago
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((Best Quality, 8K, Masterpiece: 1.3) ), ((A Manon who conforms to the official Street Fighter 6, doing the action of the opening of the game) ), short pink shiny hair, (Manon wearing a Street Fighter 6 costume) , European Frenchman, 175cm, 30 years old, detailed face, detailed skin texture, (big eyes: 1.2 long eyelashes) , long legs, perfect body proportions, mid-chest, (fitness figure, with obvious muscles) , pink nails, perfect facial features, symmetrical face, three-dimensional, full of confident eyes sparkling, best light, ray tracing, photon mapping, (in the distance is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walking the red carpet in front of the palace, like a star shooting a magazine, the focus of the whole scene, there are super many reporters on both sides of the red carpet, lively lights in Paris at night) , (movie lighting) , official illustrations, CG of game characters, (fine modeling, texture of clothes) , (overhead shot, close-up of faces, shooting angles from top to bottom) , complex reflections, there are light particles on the characters shining, (Shiny Glitter on Body: 1.6) , there were Street Fighter 6's Ken and ChunLi in the crowd

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