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hawkbs posted 5 months ago
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Used a custom checkpoint

amazingly detailed, masterpiece, ultra hd, dynamic angle, (Victoria Frances:1 8), gothic, Best Quality, :1 2), (Photorealistic:1 37), (1girl), Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs, slender, Korean:1. 5, lipstick, mascara, long_eyelashes, light_blush, nail_art, slender_waist, midriff, bohemian clothes, gothic clothes, gypsy clothes, incredibly absurdres, naughty_face, smirk, seductive_smile, random pose, A beautiful young maiden, (walking in Saint Tropez:), has had too much to drink:1. 0), (Celtic:Romanian:0. 6), (slender body), (best hair:), windswept hair. best hair, wild hair, (highly detailed eyes), (highly detailed facial features), gypsy, vampire, witch, seductress, Erinyes, boho, celtic clothes, (detailed clothes features), Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, (best makeup), (smokey eye shadow), wet skin, wet hair, sweating, flawless skin, tight skin, porcelain skin, (perky small breasts:), high detail hair, lonely, sad, crying, tears, despair, drunk, staggering, (looking away from camera:)fantasy, hyper-realistic, amazing fine detail, rich colors, lifelike texture, beautiful natural lighting, shallow depth of field, photorealism, volumetric lighting, vignette, moody, dark, epic, gorgeous, film grain, grainy, (hyperrealism:1. 5), long wavy hair, intricate clothing, dynamic pose, motion, toned body, perfect face, wild dark hair, seductive eyes, smokey makeup, slim athletic body, 25 years old, seductive grin, photography, neo noir, bokeh, wind, octane render, <lora:add_detail:1><lora:detailed_eye:1><lora:paulnong:0. 3>

Negative prompt: drawing, painting, crayon, sketch, graphite, impressionist, noisy, blurry, soft, deformed, ugly, low quality, bad anatomy, lowres, normal quality, grayscale, worstquality, watermark, bad proportions, out of focus, username, bad body, (fat:1.2), long neck, mutated, mutation, disfigured, poorly drawn face, skin blemishes, skin spots, acnes, missing limb, malformed limbs, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, extra limb, extra arms, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, malformed hands, mutated hands and fingers, bad hands, missing fingers, fused fingers, too many fingers, extra legs, bad feet, cross-eyed, AS-YoungV2-neg, BadDream, badhandv4, BadNegAnatomyV1-neg, EasyNegative, FastNegativeV2, (distorted, :1.3), (:1.4), paintings, sketches, monochrome, text, close up, cropped, out of frame, worst quality, jpeg artifacts, duplicate, morbid, mutilated, extra fingers, dehydrated, extra limbs, cloned face, gross proportions, missing arms, missing legs, anime, cartoon, graphic, abstract, glitch, umbrella, raincoat, brassierre, see-through


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